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Sloosh kids-Scare Blitz

We need to fix our back yard!we have'nt been able to go in the back yard for approx 7 months . We need this area for outdoor play, 1. remove sandpit and excess sand as it is attracting stray animals and has become unhygeinic, 2 level the ground ,3. lay artifical grass.4. parents and community members to help with. we are finalist in the local project to win $2500, this would help us towards the cost to achieve the goal of providing a safe/ learning outdoor area for the children in our care. all we need is as many votes possible to win the grant towards fixing of the backyard just go to and in liverpool leader as your local paper then register this will only take five minutes. All the local community support will be appreciated

Nominated for Australian Child Care Week

Awards 2014 


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